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September 2007:

Well we finally got round to doing the pub crawl. No doubt a full update will happen here soon. However in the mean time there are two important things to note:

The Cannon It's Gone!


Cannon Street.

Well it would appear the Cannon Pub has been knocked down along with the rest of the buildings around it. So perhaps the easiest pub to find on the whole pub crawl has gone. There are now 3 choices here: The Banker and 2 new bars; these being the slug and Lettuce and Deacon's. All easy to spot at the moment due to the open area here.



Sloane Square:

The Royal Court Tavern is closed AGAIN. (or maybe STILL)

For the moment you'll need to make do with the Oriel. Some how, even though we were all in a bit of a state by then, they did let us in this rather nice establishment.



October  2006:

Well I whole year has passed and no crawl done by myself or Big-L. However there does seem to be a fair few people who want to do it with ASAP. So Big-L and myself will have to get our butt and get down to London, if only to update this website!


 If in the mean time you have noted any change please lets us know so we can update.


As there is little enthusiasm to win the mugs anymore the compo is ended. You can now leave a guest book message in the knowledge your not getting a free mug. They're very nice mugs actually!



November  2005:

I've had a quick email from Duncan stating that the Royal Court Tavern has closed in Sloan Square - SO PLEASE TAKE NOTE WHEN USING THE MINI GUIDE!



September  2005:

September's draw winner from the guest book was Denise Coon from Maidstone, England.  A 2005 mug will be on its way to you shortly.





May  2005:

I have at last got round to updating this web site after a very busy first part of 2005. And just as it is updated surely it is time to plan our next crawl, what do you say Big-L? Oh and someone requested a history section. I'll be looking into that. My apologies for those who have had to wait for me to contact you regarding a guest book mug but they should now be on there way.


February  2005:

I have agreed with Big-L not to do the pub crawl until its warmer. This years will be held in one of the summer months. And its about time I updated some stuff on this web site. If anyone has any suggestions please yell.

I could do with some information regarding the annual waitangi day as I get loads of emails every year about it, yet know very little my self.

The monthly mug for signing the guest book has now changed. Instead I will choose at someone at random every now again. It was meant to encourage people to sign but it doesn't so to get free mug get signing under as many alais's as possible.


November  2004:

November's draw winner from the guest book was Matt Taylor. A 2004 mug is yours.



October  2004:

October's draw winner from the guest book was Adam McCormack. A 2004 mug is yours.


Myself, Big-l, Greenie and Martin completed the crawl again this month and eventually I will update this web page with changes.



August  2004:

August's draw winner from the guest book was Stephanie Robesky in Spain at present. A 2004 mug is yours.



July  2004:

Web page updated from February 2004 crawl.



July  2004:

July's draw winner from the guest book was Ian Hepworth from Pickering, England.  A 2004 mug will be on its way to you shortly.



April  2004:

April's draw winner from the guest book was Steven Swanson from Phoenix, Arazona USA.  A 2004 mug will be on its way to you shortly.



February  2004:

Big-L & myself do our 12th crawl along with Greenie and Martin. We play the wine game!!! (if you dare). New pub now at Westminster St. Stephens Tavern and is the closest to the station. An update to these pages shortly...


It would still appear that there are circle line problems on Saturdays so make sure you check before you go..




January  2004:

July's draw winner from the guest book was Andew Bryant from Leeds, England.  A 2004 mug will be on its way to you shortly.


January  2004:

Photos section/ menu has been redone. New mug design and classic Tee shirt for 2004.



January  2004:

Seems we have a copy cat at

All the text 'used' to look familiar, in fact some of it still does! How about some credit then Lyle Wraxall????






After all it won't cost you a penny.



December 2003:

Not many winners for the mugs indicated here as not many people sign the guest book. And when they do they don't seem to want a mug! Can You believe it!

Anyway the web page has now been update here, there and everywhere. It now includes information regarding Saturdays, new maps and some of the Official pubs have changed for the good of the crawlers!


Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year... getting crawling......



July 2003:

The sub editors announce a SECOND WORLD SUB...


Click here for details


July 2003:

July's draw winner from the guest book was Ian Rowlands from Beaconsfield, England. I guess he's the one in the centre of the pic! A mug will be on its way to you shortly.


July 2003:

Big-L and Nack plan pub crawl for September....



June 2003:

There was no reply for May or Junes guest book entries. Just more mugs for me and Big-L then!




May 2003:

April's draw winner from the guest book was Honey from Honolulu. A mug will be on its way to you shortly.


April 2003:

No one signed the guest book for March so there is no winner. The idea of a free mug was to encourage you not put you off!!!!!



March 2003:

February's draw winner from the guest book was John Roberts from Birmingham. A mug will be on its way to you shortly.


March 2003:

Circle Line Party takes place courtesy of - also added to links page

Station pages re-layed out.



February 2003:

Photo changes for Barbican and Victoria.

Menu System revised - Photos section Separate.

Stranger In The Photos updated.

Leicester Square page hall of fame removed.

You hosts page revised for 10th Pub Crawl.



December 2002:

Mini Guide added.

Draw for guest book started.

Menu System revised.

Accommodation page added.



July 2002:

Links page adds: www. Midlands Metro Pub Crawl



June 2002:

Links page adds: www. The Sub Crawl