Competition Conditions of Entry

If you join in a competition you are bound by the following so just accept it and live with it.


1. What's up for grabs is what you get.
2. If you don't live in the UK and want the item you've won, then you must arrange and pay all 'monies' for the item to be collected / sent to you. (in fact you'll be lucky to get it).
3. Its my web site so I choose who wins.
4. If your not willing to give me your address and email don't enter. (I'll keep the item myself).
5. If I don't want to send the item to you, I keep it myself.
  Only One item is up for grabs per month. Winner decided on last month.
6. If you haven't replied within 7 days of us contacting you we can decide to withdraw our offer of sending you the item. (ie we may choose someone else to win it instead).