Things To Know
Before setting out consider the following advise:
1. Money, with 27 stations (but 28 drinks) at 1.30 - 1.50 a half that's a whopping 40.00 you'll need for the beer.

If its a small group it can be advantageous if one person is given the money at the beginning of the pub crawl (surely your doing it with people you can trust?). Let them order the drinks at each pub and ensure the slowest drinker is given their drink first.

2. Get a travel card for the underground a zone 1 & 2 pass should cost around 4.10 and covers all the stations involved.
3. If your heading to London by train always book 2 weeks in advance. You can save yourself a fortune. A normal return train ticket for an adult from where we catch the train is 31.00, and the cheapest we have got each one for is 9.95!

To virgn

Feb 2001 Virgin lets us go first class for £17.65! and yes beer is for breakfast!

1. You will want food. There's no real time to stop for a meal if you have less than 12 hours to cover the distance. However there are plenty of fast food places at some stops, so get ready for those burgers.
1. Behave yourselves you are being watched by the transport police on camera throughout out the underground and railway system!!
2. Be courteous in the pubs. We want them to serve fellow crawlers not refusing to serve them.
3. Ensure you've got a day free after the 'event' to recover, you'll need it unless you are a true alcoholic. 
1. Arrange to start at the first pub bang on 11am and aim to finish at 10:30pm. The crawl will take a full 12 hours to do.
2. You have just 10 minutes in each pub to get served, have a drink and empty that bladder later on! (most of the time is spent getting from pub to pub).
3. Never go on a Saturday / Sunday or public holiday. (SEE SATURDAY SECTION) The pubs in the east part of the city ('the city pubs') will all be closed! What goods that on a pub crawl!  During weekdays some of them close early when the workers have gone home. It's therefore advisable do the east section first, either start at north end of the circle, Euston and head east clockwise or at south side Embankment (preference) and head east anticlockwise.
4. Check the underground map. Sometimes you can catch a 'different line' train to the next stop without waiting for the 'circle line' train. For further information about the tube check
1. At some stations there are a plenty number of pubs and there location obvious from the station exit. At others you will come out of the station thinking 'where should we look for the nearest pub'. In fact at a few of the stations there is only one pub to find close by!  So to make things a little easier we have tried to show a map of each and some directions. Or why not print a copy of the mini guide to take with you. (ESSENTIAL FOR FIRST TIMERS)

What does the symbol mean buy the pub names?

These are our recommended and official pubs to go to.

(and no we are not paid by any body to nominate these).

It either means:
Its the closest (but not always),
Its more likely to be open (hence may not be the closest),
Its our recommended pub worthy to find and is'nt much further away than the others.
3. What does the Closest symbol mean buy the pub names?
  Well guess! It means it is the closest pub, although not our Official or recommended pub! Often a good choice if your tight for time.
4. What does the 'T' symbol mean buy the pub names?
  Its the Traditional vintage crawl. However due to changes over the years this may no longer be the official circle line pub at that station.
5. What does the SATURDAY symbol mean buy the pub names?
  This symbol means it was open on our Saturday run in September 2003 and if you are attempting to do the crawl on Saturday this is the one to head for and ignore   and all other symbols.

If there are any pubs giving shitty service to Circle Liners, then please give us your feedback. We will consider checking the pub out and if need be changing the official pub at that station after a visit by ourselves on our next crawl.

1. Should be done in the pub. Ask the bar tender they will serve you one in a glass. Bring glass to mouth. Neck it and leave. (oh yeah you better pay to).

You'll be drinking the equivalent of 14 pints which is a lot of liquid.

If you can't manage all that liquid then try shorts instead.

If you can't manage all that alcohol try a soft drink instead.


If you are sick get it in the bowl rather than the floor of a pub.

Remember if your feeling queasy 'it's better out than in gov.'.




We think it only fair although knowing nothing about human health to forewarn you that your health could be at risk when drinking this high quantity of alcohol in one session. If you have a health problem you must ask you doctor before attempting. If you have given blood recently do not consider attempting this crawl.


Consider that:

 a man's recommended weekly limit is 28 units

 a woman's recommended weekly limit is 21 units

(a unit is the eqivanlent of one 1/2 pint of normal strength beer)






  Probably the most important


There are main roads to cross and tube trains.

YOUR own safety is in YOUR own hands!!!!



And don't headbutt the platform after falling down the stairs!