Games To Play

Having done the crawl a fair few times we have played a couple of games as follows:

Food yummymore food for my bellypokepokepick my ear waxPick my boogiesEatin's cheatin.

This is exactly what it says. The munchies soon start, and without food to soak up some of the beer things can get pretty tricky later on. You may eat once the crawl has been completed.

It should be noted that we were so hungry after playing this game that we were too busy stuffing our faces to notice we had completely missed the last train home! oh hum.


The S letter game;

Everyone one on the crawl must pick a letter of the alphabet. At each pub you come to if your letter is in the name then you must have a short as well as your half pint! There's obviously no sport in choosing XYZ but take a hint choose S if you want to throw!



The A-Z letter game;

Each station is given a letter of the alphabet with the first station being A the second station being B, third C. If the letter designated for that station is in the pubs name then a pint must be drank instead of a half. Note we tried this starting at Temple and heading anticlockwise. Its a tricky one this!!!!!

The royal pub name game;

In honour of Princess Margaret's funeral, for our 15th February 2002 crawl we had a Gin & Tonic at every pub that has 'anything' royal in the name, as well as a half. (Apparently it was her favourite drink!)

Examples that count: The castle, Royal Court Tavern, Edinburgh tavern. (We'll leave it to you how strict you are)




We did this as a novelty once. Instead of getting off at every station, get off at every other station, which to complete every station on the 'circle' means you end up going round twice! Believe me later on this really does make a mockery of the usual gag 'is this our stop?'!!!


A different drink Sir?

Well 27 pubs why not 27 different drinks! eck!


The Greenman brings me a Guinness

One of those please game;

Yet again based around the alphabet. Whatever the first letter is of the pubs name, you have to drink a pint of brew beginning with that letter! Simple eh? There is a get out clause, if the letter had already been done before then you can have a half of what you like.

Which you will be thankfull for.


For those of you who think beer is too easy or perhaps beer just isn't your thing. Then impress us and the world and try it on wine. In every pub a 'small' glass of wine is to be drank. But if the pub name has all three letters of RED in it then a glass of red wine is to drunk instead.


Tube Surfin

The idea behind this is not to hold onto anything on the tube train. No sitting down allowed either. In fact the idea is that your meant to stand in the centre of the carriage (they'll be points in the day this is just impossible) and surf as the train is moving. Believe me its hard enough sober but after a few'll find Big-L holding on thats what.



Strangers in the photo:

Probably my favourite and of course can be played with al the above! If you getting photos done of your way round see how many people you can get to pose in your photos.

Check 'em Out in The Photos Section

Whatever You Play - Have A Great Time!!!!