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Let us warmly welcome you to 'The Circle Line Pub Crawl' web site. Created by Big-L and myself to pass on 'the message' so that you can experience it for yourselves. A little about us...


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Big 'L'

Same age as myself but different Build. Real name Les Hughes, although well known 'Big L'. This is mainly because he's far taller than 6 foot, how much taller I don't know?

I think most people think I call him this due to his extensive belly, a true investment in beer!

Our first circle line crawl we did together and have since joined each other for the now numerous other attempts we have done it. Which is good news, as when I've had one too many, which is after pint number two, he makes sure I get to every station and every pub..eck!



Our first attempt of this pub crawl was my 25th Birthday.

I fancied doing something a tad different than our usual outings and had heard of 'the Circle Line Pub Crawl'.

Arrangements were made for tickets and off six of us went. What we didn't know was that half the pubs were closed on Saturday, the day we had chosen to do it, and the fact that we were going to spend some time talking to the police!

Lets just say attempt one was not a successful one, but more a memorable occasion!

Since the first time we have done it and started this web site we do the crawl at least once a year to keep this web site up-to-date. Here are some of our memorable moments!


Attempt Date What Happened
1st Time...

June '98 Our first attempt on my 25th Birthday! Unfortunately the police got involved and that was the end of that! Perhaps Big-L would like to explain?

(Group crawl)

2nd Time...

August '98 Second time and although the first time was not a success we decided to 'spice' things up with 'The S letter game' - what can we say. I choose 'S', check out the names of the pubs!

(Group crawl)

3rd Time...

April 26th '99 Big-L and myself do the crawl only and we succeed. Part way round and the headlines hit the street that Jill Dando the Crime watch presenter is shot while we are crawling our way round London!

(Big-L and Nack Only)

4th Time...

July '99 Another game is invented! A different pub a different drink!

(Big-L and Nack Only)

5th Time...

November '99 We played 'Eatin's Cheatin' - Result was missing the last train home, so went clubbin', slept on the streets somewhere and had the most expensive coffee in downtown suburbia.

(Group Crawl)

6th Time...

17th February 2000 New game 'Disorientation' - We go round twice, stopping at every other station! Tricky this.

(Big-L and Nack Only)

7th Time...

16th February 2001 The name game A-Z name game 'double eck'.

(Group Crawl)

8th Time...

15th February 2002 In honour of Princess Margaret's funeral we have a Gin & Tonic at every pub that has 'anything' royal in the name, as well as a half.

(Big-L and Nack Only)

9th Time...

23rd August 2002 'Beardy Mate's first of many attempts perhaps? Due to problems with trains, we arrive quite late in London, starting at 1:30!! This is our fastest attempt to get round to date! Another brush with the police, lots of puke and Big-L & 'Beardy Mate' fall asleep on the underground only to get off in god knows where!!!!! The loop was well and truly closed.

(Group Crawl)

10th Time...


21st February 2003 Our first 'broadcasted pub crawl attempt by Big-L and myself. We are joined for this crawl by Matt, Dick, Lilia, Nat, Ben, James, Chris, Rachel, Shavon, and Emma, whom some have flown over from the U.S.A. This our largest group crawl to date. Big-L and Nack play a game 'What ever the first letter of the pubs name, you have to drink a pint of brew beginning with that letter unless the letter had already been done before'. This game doesn't help matters and I didn't make it round unlike Big-L and James..... (Cheers 'guys')

Quote from Ben "James completed the entire crawl. Matt, Dick, Lilia, Nack, Chris, and Rachel completed all but the last few stops because Nack was too drunk to show us the remaining few bars (we were all drunk)."

(Group Crawl)

11th Time...

13th September 2003 After many emails about doing the crawl on a Saturday we decided that we would try an attempt on Saturday, a whole 5 years after our first attempt which was on a Saturday. We knew this was going to problematic but for the sake of research for this web site, Big-L and myself were joined by Martin, Matt and Greenie, whom had also joined us on that occasion 5 years ago. Apart from there being pubs closed the underground also threw at us a closure along the route so some of it was done by replacement bus service. Then Greenie feel down some stairs and smacked his nose in! Blood everywhere and alcohol in his system fuelled him on to the end! I understand Matt and Martin will be joining us for the next Friday crawl. Greenie is banned by his wife from ever coming again. Oh hum.

(Group Crawl)

12th Time...

27th February 2004 The return of the crawl on Friday and we managed to get Greenie and Martin to come along again. Big-L and myself played a new game, Winos. The Aussie chap running the Ship & Shovel could not believe it and warned us it would suddenly out of the blue hit us in the face but commended us for trying. Lets just say half way round there was a substantial amount of puking going on, but this did not deter us until something came and slapped us both in the face and it wasn't the Tango man!

(Group Crawl)

13th Time...

10th October 2004 After the last time I was definitely staying away from playing games and low and behold I got all the way round, even with a few pints throw in! Greenie and Martin joined Big-L and myself once more. Once more I just say but it goes on deaf ears. Roll on the 14th.

(Group Crawl)