The Itinerary

The aim of this guide is to help people who would like to try the challenge. We hope that by providing a pre-guided tour and some familiarity of the pubs / stations before attempting the crawl allows you to avoid the pitfalls of our own experiences on our first couple of attempts.

The challenge is to get around the circle line within 12 hours, taking in 27 stations, 27 pubs and 28 half pints and finally returning to the pub you started at for a last drink! Be warned there is a fair amount of walking involved, and pubs are hard to find in some locations. (Ask a passer-by if you think you can find a Londoner whom is from those parts its harder to get directions than you think!).

Our tour starts at the Embankment (not essential) but it does have the Ship and Shovel pub, the only pub in two halves on opposite side of the street. Therefore this naturally suggests to be a good starting point, starting in one half and on completion of the circle having the final drink in the other half. From the Embankment we advise to go  anti-clockwise to complete the 'city pubs' which still at time of writing tend to close early.

Most of all enjoy the experience while it lasts.........

Remember take a camera as you won't remember doing it in the morning!!!!