The final stop and my legs are about to fall off. Well that would be true if I could feel them. In fact I'm numb all over.  

For those of you who can bear to walk a bit further, finish at the 'other side' of the Ship and Shovel.

If not try the Griffin or the Princess of Wales but I'm sure the bar staff of The Ship & Shovel would love to see you again.

Location: Pubs: 

1. The Ship & Shovel.

2. The Princess of Wales - closest

3. The Griffin

The Ship & Shovel (Pub In Two Halves): SATURDAY 'T'
There's those that make it round and close the circle and there's those that don't. I can say we have not made it round every time, and there are those mornings I have to confirm it that I did get round. If your not us the bar owner might have a wager with you. For the Sub Crawl ers of the World this is the place we left the beer bottle to slowly deflate, which it did well all by itself!

One last drink or two...

The Princess of Wales

The Griffin