The Red Lion is another regular call when in London. Nowhere to sit inside, as the few seats are always taken. On sunny days there are benches outside. No time to relax though. Oh look there's Big Ben.

St Stephens Tavern is a new pub for 2004 and found closer to the underground than the Red Lion. As the Red lion has been the traditional pub we are keeping it that way but if you are pushed for time this is the one to head for.

Location:  Pubs:
1. The Red Lion

2. St. Stephens Tavern


One of London's many sights

The Westminster Tower containing the famous bell BIG BEN

The Red Lion: SATURDAY 'T'
After the ticket barriers, do not go directly to the street but head to the far right hand corner of the ticket hall, which should be signposted as an exit for Parliament Street / Whitehall. Go up the stairs on the right and continue straight up on Parliament Street. If you have come out of the main station entrance do not worry. Turn right on the Street you should see big been and turn right onto Parliament street. The Red Lion is on the right after about 30 meters, on the corner of Derby Gate.

A view from inside. What were we thinking. Sack the photographer.

St. Stephens Tavern: Closest SATURDAY
Come out of the station onto Bridge Street and turn right towards Big Ben. The pub is on the right a few meters ahead of you.