Kings Cross 


O'neills or Cooper's is the choice, and although O'neils is a small walk we often find time here for the games that are out. So if you are making good time why not squeeze in a couple of games of Connect four or Jenga, and take your halves easy here. Decor inside is the usual affair for O'neil.


Food bars all around if you've got the munchies and I usually have.


Location: Pubs: 
1. O'neills

2. Coopers

O'neills: SATURDAY 'T'
As previously mentioned its possible to pop up anywhere in this area but this is the pub to head for.

Location of O'Neils is on the main road junction with Judd St. opposite St. Pancras Station.


Head for inside St. Pancras station. Its along side one of the platforms.