The Barbican


The Sutton Arms was our regular at this stop. Small pub, small bar, small bar staff, small toilets, small on atmosphere and small on customers! The last couple of times we have not been welcomed and they have even refused to serve us. In fact in February 2004 they have told us they do not want any more Circle Liners  - the miserable GITS.  So its best to respect their decision and not to waste your time, head straight across the road to....


The Shakespeare was the pub we did on our first Circle Line Pub Crawl and we bumped into a Groom just on his way to his wedding apparently, and I can advise the best man was encouraging him to finish his drink a get a move on!! Were they joining us for the rest of the crawl???? Now this pub has atmosphere..

Location: Pubs: 
1.The Shakespeare 


3. Heads And Tails

4. Ye Olde Red Cow


The Shakespeare: SATURDAY
To get to The Shakespeare head left out of the underground entrance. Follow the main road down. You'll shortly see the pub on the right hand side.


The Sutton Arms: Closest  'T' -  CIRCLE LINERS NOT WELCOME
To get to the Sutton arms head left out of the underground entrance. Take the second left hand road and the pub is on the right.


Heads And Tails:
We had been contacted by the Heads and Tails as they 'were' open on Saturdays. However when we did eventually get there it was explained they now longer were. Nice bar but you'll passed the Ye Olde Red Cow before you get here!  


Ye Olde Red Cow:
To get to Ye Olde Red Cow head right out of the underground entrance. Take the first street on the right and cross onto the left hand side. The pub is down here a short way. And of course should it be closed keep walking as you'll reach Heads and Tails not long after.