There are three pubs to choose from at this stop. The one we most commonly visit and is the nearest to the station is the Still & Star.

In the Still and Star get ready for the squash and I'm not talking about a pint of squash either. Its smaller than it looks and its absolutely packed in there. Oh what's all this bondage gear?

The Hoop and Grapes is on the main road just after the side street that turns off for the Still and Star. Larger pub and just as popular, so get ready for a fight to get at the bar. Oh yeah all the ceiling are low and not level.

The Aldgate Exchange is big but it must be too far to walk from the tube station, not only for us but also the rest of London, as tends to be empty. Strange that as its the largest of the 3!

Location: Pubs: 
1. Still & Star

2. The Hoop & Grapes

3. Aldgate Exchange

Still & Star: Closest 'T'
The easiest of the three pubs to find is the Still & Star. Come out the station, cross the extremely busy road at the pedestrian crossing (or you'll die). Round the back of the buildings in front of you lies the pub.
The Hoop & Grapes:
The pub which we had no name for until our last visit, even though we have drank here many a time when its been open. Again cross the main road. Again cross at the pedestrian crossing and head left. The pubs on the right.
Aldgate Exchange: SATURDAY
The Aldgate Exchange is harder to find. Come out the station entrance, head left and go through the subway. There no way across the road here either unless you've got a death wish. If your lucky the subway exit will be directly opposite the pub.