Tower Hill 


There are a couple of places around here, but our pick has nearly always been the Cheshire Cheese. There are two levels to this pub, usually a very wide choose of beer on the menu and some good games machines-even table footie, if only we had time to play!

For a change we have tried one of the other drinking establishments, the Pitcher and Piano, more a wine bar-ish place. Looks dear and I really can't remember if it was. Perhaps it wasn't my round. In fact I doubt it was as by the photo of the side of the bar it looks like I was too busy writing a post card!

If your pushed for time you can always count on the bar in the Novotel.

Location: Pubs: 
1. The Cheshire Cheese

2. Pitcher & Piano

3. The English Club

4. Pesys Bar



One of London's many sights

Windsor Castle

The Cheshire Cheese: 'T'
Look around get your bearings. Come out of the station and follow the pavement round to the right. Keep following this road under past the Novotel and Pitcher and Piano on the left and under the bridges. Take a sharp left and the Cheshire Cheese will greet you (how did we find this place!)
Pitcher and Piano:
Well if you found the Cheshire Cheese then you must have walked passed this place!


The English Club:
At the Cheshire Cheese head left and its on your left. Very well liked by the locals as this place is tiny AND packed. We were also made very welcome by the manager who joined us for a photo outside of course.


The Pepys Bar (Novotel):  Closest SATURDAY
This bar is located in the Novotel. None of the above pubs are open on a Saturday so if you are trying a weekend run this is the one.