Hopefully you'll find some other punters here rather than just yourself. Note the wood carvings in the ceiling and walls! And what they are they illustrating! Get this one down quick and push forward.... 
Location: Pubs: 
1. The Blackfriar

2. St. Brides Tavern




The Blackfriar:   SATURDAY 'T'
You should follow the underground sign to The Blackfriar (exit 1) and take the tunnel on the right which runs under the road. You'll appear out of the station entrance directly in front of the pub.





St. Brides Tavern:  
In October 2004 and we thought we would try to find another easy to get to pub in the area and this is it.

Leave the underground heading for exit 8. Then walk up Bridge street until you get to Brideswell Place on the left. Walk up this lane slightly and its on your right.

Personally I'd stick to the Blackfriar but as you can see Big-L got quite at home!