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This is probably one of the best known pub crawls known in the world. Its not an easy one to complete either. Its a crawl which demands time and stamina. It takes you round the centre of London, but there will be no time to take in the sights. It's a demanding 12 hour test of your endurance and ability to navigate London's underground system whilst having had one too many.

As can be guessed from the title this pub crawl is based on the 'ring' route of the London Undergrounds Circle line, which has 27 stops. The object of the crawl is to disembark at each station, find a pub to drink in, completing the circle and finishing in the pub you started in for the final drink.

Obviously this is a high quantity of beer to consume and 28 pints would seem extreme! It is therefore highly recommend that should you want to get past the first ten stations, that the crawlers stay on half pints all the way. This may seem a bit against the point of a pub crawl, but putting 14 pints away while trying to navigate your way around the route is a challenge that I found hard myself and will wean out the not so hardened beer drinker. So don't think you know better if you want to stand a chance to finish it, or worse could happen to you.....


being banged up for drunk and disorderly.